As I’ve hinted a couple of times this week, I thought it might be a good idea to see if there was any interest for another round of the DPM 6 Week Winter Challenge.

I realise that we’re already in the middle (coming to the end of week) of the attendance challenge but with lockdown going on for at least another 2 weeks and who knows how much longer after that, you might need a bit of extra accountability to help you through.

As per the normal format, this is what you’ll have access to:

– 2 new bodyweight home workout programs to follow (1 for the weeks 1-3 and another for weeks 4-6 so you can change things up and keep you focused an on track)

– You can track these workouts easily via the Trainerize app which i’ll give you access to so you can easily follow your workouts and track how many you do

– Daily challenges for you to focus on

– An overall weekly focus for you to work towards each week that we can work on together

– Weekly checkins each Friday to see how you’re tracking and if you need a bit more help or encouragement with anything else.

Start Date: Monday week, July 26.

Finishes: Sunday September 5

Investment: $99Interested?

Join The DPM 6 Week Winter Challenge Here

And to be honest, I’m not going to set a minimum number for this.

I figure if you want the extra help right now, then I’m not going to put a cap on it.

The only thing that will be different is there’ll be no whats app group where you’ll get the group support.

So if there’s something you’ve already realised isn’t working great after the first week of homeschool, and another week of working from home, then this might be just what you need.

If you have any questions, ask away.



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