Saturday just gone marked the half way point of the DPM 6 Week Attendance Challenge – something that I think is even more important now we’re into week 4 (and 5 for some) of lockdown.

And even though the last week and a bit has been zoom only for our groups, it’s still important to get up, show up and cross off this appointment in your busy day.

It’ll help you both physically and mentally.

And you rarely ever feel worse after a workout.

So I thought it was time for an update, and it’s pretty close at the moment which is great.

Here’s the top 5 (well there’s 15 people currently making up the top 5):

1. Dave – 9

1. Jane – 9

1. Sue M – 9

1. Pete – 9

2. Bryce – 8

2. Cathy – 8

2. Linda – 8

3. Al – 6

3. Andrew – 6

3. Eris – 6

3. Lex – 6

3. Scott – 6

4. Annette – 5

5. Denise – 4

So well done to all of them. It’s still anyones with 3 weeks on the clock left.

Note, this didn’t include yesterday and this mornings session as I kept the tally at the end of the week to keep it fair across the board.

So those who have already added to theirs are obviously higher in numbers than as of Saturday.

Hopefully this motivates everyone to keep going, keep turning up.

And make the most of your training package.

Remember, if you are on the 3 group sessions a week you have access to unlimited sessions. 

So if you need a bit of extra action remember our other sessions. It’s all zoomed now so all you have to do is log on as per your usual group.

And anyone on a 1 on 1 personal training package I’ve given you a free upsize to the zooms if you’re looking for anything extra.



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