Sometimes I really do wonder what some people would do if breathing wasn’t an involuntary bodily function.

I truly think they might struggle.

Take this new push that’s been featured in the media this week on how they want to change the health star rating for orange juice.

That in theory sounds good.

It’s full of sugar, and plenty of them aren’t exactly as they are advertised. 

They’re full of god knows what and not 100% juice from the fruit it’s supposed to represent.

So yeah I can agree with that.

BUT the killer here is with the new ratings, diet coke is considered to be a healthier choice.

Insert facepalm emoji right?

I don’t even know how diet coke has managed to score any stars – that alone is beyond me.

It really makes you wonder which geniuses were sitting around in a meeting and thought “yep that makes perfect sense”.

Enjoy the lifetime of weight related problems and health side effects if you want to sit down to a glass or two of diet coke every morning.

All of this just goes to show what a farce the whole ratings system is.

The best rule of thumb to follow is obvious – if a food is as close to it’s natural form – as in from the ground, from an animal who walked this earth (or swam for that matter), or was grown on a vine then count it as a winner.

The more something is modified and broken down, the less healthier it is.

That shouldn’t be a hard concept to grasp.

But unfortunately some people want to invent some health star ratings to make themselves feel relevant.

You’re reading this, so I figure you’re smart enough to know better, but I feel sort of sorry for those who don’t really have a grasp on healthy eating and look at the stars and use that as the basis for their food choices.

Enjoy your weekend.

I’ll take a breath now and calm down…


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