Not exactly earth shattering news,

but none of us are getting any younger right?

And I know for a fact that the majority of people I train are closer to 40 – either side of 40 – then they are to 30.

Not to say I’m against the young ‘uns.

But you know kids these days right….

Seriously though, the 40 is the new 30 thing isn’t exactly old news.

I even read somewhere the other day someone saying that 40 is the new 20.

Now I don’t know about that one but I’d say the 30 thing is spot on.

Although, I’d love to have my body feel like it did at 20.

Just minus all the long nights on the $1 drinks and the hangovers multiple times a week!

I could do without the football injuries coming back to haunt me now.

I’d also rehab them properly the first time.

Can’t turn back the clock though can we?

Well, not in that sense.

But in another way we can.

The interesting thing,

especially with the celebrity world is all these 40 plus women looking like they are in fact 10 years younger – or more.

Sure they have bit of help.

They might have a full time nanny and a live in chef and trainer.

But they’ve still got to do the work.

They can’t just eat crap and have it not do any damage.

And it’s not just the celebrity mums.

There’s plenty of everyday women walking around the shopping centres in their Lorna Janes

who are in the same boat.

They’ve turned back the clock.

These are just every day mums that refuse to give it up cause a number says they’re a bit older.

They put in the work.

Despite their busy life.

– They realise that you can be more energised.

– They realise that you don’t have to commit hours and hours each week to a training routine.

– They realise you don’t need to eat rabbit food all the time and you can enjoy a nice treat when having coffee with the girls.

– They also realise the smartest way to do this is by having the support of someone who knows exactly how to get their shortcuts happening.

Someone like me.

Maybe you need to get back into a regular routine again?

To start doing something for you?

Or maybe you just need the accountability of having something to follow?

and someone to check in with you even though you can’t make any face to face sessions?

Then as usual, I’ve got your back with the DPM Online Training System

Jump on board here


Let’s get you closer to that 30 look even though those days may be a long way in the rear view mirror.

See you there.


PS – any questions? hit reply and let me know. I’ll get back to you ASAP


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