What I’ve got to share with you today is going to be perfect if you’re working towards a goal right now.

Especially, if like a lot of us, you fell off the wagon a little bit during the lockdown.

That of course is understandable with all the extra added stress that we have been placed under lately.

I was reading something last week that laid out 4 simple steps to help you with actually crossing off your goals for the rest of this year.

It’s a process that we’re going to be working backwards with.


Workout out your end goal. What’s your outcome you want to achieve?


What do you have to do this month to make that happen?


What do you  have to do this week to make that happen?


What do you have to do today to make that happen?

Kinda simple right?

But it’s the process of breaking down that big end goal into small simple steps that actually makes it achievable.

So what do you think?

What are you working on today as part of your plan?

And if you don’t have anything you’re working towards, maybe now’s a good time to have a think and maybe come up with something to aim towards.

It’ll help give you focus.

It’ll help you stay on track and give you reason to get up out of bed every morning when it’s cold and dark.

If you need any help with putting something together, let me know and I’ll be happy to help out.


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