Thought you might be looking for some more home workout action to get your teeth into seeing as it’s been a little while since the last one.

So here goes – another simple one that is going to be more effective then it looks.

Best thing is you’re only going to need a timer app on your phone too, as it’s all bodyweight exercises.

And only 2 exercises to remember.

To make things even better it’s going to be one of the shortest workouts I’ve ever given you.

Not cause I can’t be arsed giving you a longer one, but cause if lack of time is one of the things stopping you from doing anything – well this one takes that excuse away.

You’re only going to need 5 minutes.

That’s it.

So here’s the action:

Set your timer for 30 seconds for both rounds.

1. Prisoner Squats – if you’re not familiar with these take your normal squat position and place your hands behind your head.

Like you would if you were a prisoner basically.

Then squat.

The difference here is your knees are going to want to sneak further forward then they normally would cause your hand position changes your centre of gravity.

So keep squatting back like you’d normally do.

2. Side to Side Hovers – remember these are the ones where, either on your knees or toes, you shift your shoulders and your hips across together at the same time.

Make sure your movement is only small and not over-exaggerated.

So like I said, both exercises are for 30 seconds each.

Go straight from one to the next.

And repeat for 5 sets.

That’s 5 minutes and that should be a nice little bit of action to give you something to keep you moving.

If this is too easy, use a foam roller for your hovers and to make your squats harder work slower on the way down or even hold the squat for the full 30 seconds.

You can even use a mini band around your thighs if you have one of those for more resistance.

Of course if you have more time, do more, but as I always say, anything is better than nothing.

And if this actually gets you moving again – even on a recovery day – then it is hardly going to be a bad thing.

Hope it helps.


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