Alright, I figure with it being another week down house bound that you might need some action to see you through.

So today I’m going to give you three options.

The first one is if you’re absolutely under the pump trying to juggle working from home with some sort of home schooling action – this is the 10 minute workout.

The second option if you need something longer – 2 rounds of the same for a 20 minute workout.

And if you really need a de-stress – do 3 rounds for a 30 minute workout.

We’re working off a 45-15 timer.

So 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of recovery before you do the next exercise.

And we’ve got 10 exercises.

Note: there is no specific warm up movements here before we start, I’ve planned this so it eases you in intensity wise and cranks up after a few minutes to a proper intensity.

So once again, perfect if you are really short on time.

But if you have a bit of spare time right now, do a bit of foam rolling as you normally might do. Add in some of our usual warm up motions as well – chest press, waiters bows, spiderman twists etc.

Now let’s get into it:

1. Squat with Stick Up – do the squat then as you’re coming up from the bottom of the squat start your stick up motion, squat back down as you’re lowering your arms from the top of the stick up.

2. Spiderman Twists – of course you can use a foam roller to make this harder

3. Glute Bridge March – if you want to make this a full body movement, do a Reverse Tabletop Glute Bridge March (hold your body off the ground so you’re facing up, and your hips up in the air with your knees bent at a right angle)

4. Side Plank Hold Left Side – once again, use a foam roller if you want to make it harder

5. Side Plank Hold Right Side

6. Up & Overs

7. Push Ups

8. Reverse Lunges Alternate Legs

9. Reverse Helicopters

10.Tabletop Hold (use a foam roller if you want to make it harder)

That’s it.

Repeat those like I said earlier if you have the time to do more.

Otherwise you have a good little 10 minute blast that gets you away from your computer and the kids while giving you a little endorphin boost at the same time.

I’d say have a good weekend, but we really can’t do much anyways can we?!



PS – if you liked this workout, I’m planning over the next couple of days to film the first round of this and put it over on my IGTV feed. So check out my instagram page here and you’ll see it when it drops. That way you just have to push play and let it go.

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