shadow boxing

Me Vs Me

Not sure if you’re familiar with the actor Michael B Jordan? You know from Creed and Black Panther fame among others?  I guess when your name is Michael Jordan you have to
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running on beach

An Easy Challenge For You

Hope your Christmas break is going well and you’re able to enjoy some downtime?  Today is a short message, but I’ve got a challenge for you…  What are the chances today of
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photo of woman doing yoga

Going Deeper

Hope you had a great Christmas and enjoyed some nice family time? Now we’re a couple of days removed, and the chances are you may be emerging from the food coma,
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Your Christmas Present

By now I guess you're probably sorted for Christmas presents? Hopefully you're not out doing the mad rush today or tomorrow anyways. But if you're looking for a present for yourself, I
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My Christmas Wish

I don’t think I ask for much in life, but if I could have just one Christmas wish, it’d be a little different to what Mariah Carey would wish for. Sure
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The Regifter

Something a bit lighthearted for you today seeing as it's the silly season, and hopefully something you won't have to deal with in a couple of days time.Regifting... And the thought
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BNE Inspo

If you saw my message last week about favourite Aussie albums, you’ll know that Bliss N Eso featured prominently.  So I thought I’d continue that theme and run with one of
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