The Magic Zone

What do you think an effective exercise compliance zone would look like? By that I mean, how many of your planned workouts, or ideal workouts that you'd normally do in a
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Not A Perfect Strike Rate…

I was thinking about something the other day. So for the last 5.5 years of posting on my current blog that’s approx 1400 posts. That would mean the same amount of emails. And that doesn’t
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The Boomers Message

If you were on board the Boomers train during the Olympics like I was, and it was awesome to see them finally win a medal - my Games highlight easily,
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dad and son playing together on wooden dock

Fathers Day Idea

So Fathers Day is Sunday week apparently. Not that we can go anywhere to celebrate it. But it is what it is. Hopefully the dads reading this can still do something nice for
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running on beach

Exercise And Depression

Not going to beat around the bush today, cause this is an important topic. Especially now with what we're in the middle of. Are you struggling with depression right now? Or any type
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Next One Up Today

Today will see another 10 minute workout added to our group and this one should get your heart rate up.It did for me while I was filming it and it'll
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