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Lockdown Pump Up

Alright, it's Friday, and another week down in lockdown. Congrats on making it this far. And I know that a weekend, especially with younger kids, isn't exactly an awesome thing to look
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Your Plus One?

Continuing on with yesterday’s message asking if there’s anything else I can do right now to help you through this lockdown.  Please let me know if there is- be that extra
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Snakes & Ladders

We’re all handling things a little bit different right now.  Whatever gets you through the day.  The way I see it, it’s a bit like a game of snakes and ladders.  Sometimes I
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Hunger & Exercise

Do you find that you always feel hungry after exercise? Or are you the type of person who doesn't want to think about eating for at least a little bit after
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Shoes Or No Shoes?

There's a bit of a movement at the moment towards barefoot movement. So training barefoot and walking barefoot and 'earthing' where you are barefoot on the grass to connect with the
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How Much Is Enough?

Well if we're talking about lockdowns, we can probably both agree that we're already over it - but we obviously can't control it so I can't help you with that one. Here's
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No Messing Around Today

So let's get straight to the point... How are you handling everything right now? Are you going okay with it all and getting through the day without losing your sanity? Or are things
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