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Some Winter Motivation

How are you tracking so far now that we're officially 2 weeks into winter? Find yourself hitting snooze more? Maybe you're struggling to keep your routine consistent? I thought I'd address that in
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The Future Of Food?

What does the future of food and healthy eating look like to you? Do you think there'll be more of a focus on plant based meals and other protein alternatives? Well according
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Playoff Time

There's not a lot of things I love more in sport than watching the NBA playoffs. The games actually mean something of course, where in a traditional regular season that has
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Who’d Make A Good Chat?

You may remember a couple of weeks back I asked a question about whether I should bring the Small Business Dads podcast for another season? Well it's coming back. So good news if
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This Is Concerning

I realise that me sharing some research is kinda ironic after my post the other day, but as is the thing with most things in life, it's always the minority
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Start With One

Todays message is aimed at you if you feel that right now nothing seems to be going right. You have all these plans and goals or dreams or whatever but no
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Say It Isn’t So

Funny how things turn out sometimes. For years I've said lightheartedly that you can prove anything you want through research if you manipulate enough criteria to get the results you want. Well,
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