DPM 2005

This You?

Thought I'd follow on my message from yesterday about acting on any regrets you may have when it comes to your current fitness level. Like I said yesterday, if you're going
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Call this one the Frank Sinatra message if you wish. You know the line from "My Way" - regrets, I've had a few. Well that can some up most of us if
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Some Winter Motivation

How are you tracking so far now that we're officially 2 weeks into winter? Find yourself hitting snooze more? Maybe you're struggling to keep your routine consistent? I thought I'd address that in
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The Future Of Food?

What does the future of food and healthy eating look like to you? Do you think there'll be more of a focus on plant based meals and other protein alternatives? Well according
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Playoff Time

There's not a lot of things I love more in sport than watching the NBA playoffs. The games actually mean something of course, where in a traditional regular season that has
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