Hit The Spot

Got some nice feedback last week that I thought was worth sharing. I'm not going to put a name to the person as I didn't ask their permission, but what they
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thinking girl

Do Nothing

How many times have you sent your kids off to time out? It gives them a chance to pull their head in and at the save time save your sanity from
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An Honest Admission

This may come as a surprise to my teenage self, and maybe even my 20 something self, but I don't know everything. For the point of reference for todays message, I'm
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DPM Zoom Update

For those of you who are regular zoomers for our workouts, you'll no doubt have noticed that the last couple of weeks has been a bit of a pain in
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boxing bag


Following on from my message yesterday about shifting gears, I’m going to give you an option for something that you might want to consider.  If you’ve ever heard of any type
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Shifting Gears

Now Easter is done and dusted you may well be thinking it's time to shift gears a notch. Get the chocolate done and dusted and start planning what you need to
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Easter Action

So what's your game plan over the long weekend? Get away for a break? Stay home and relax? Indulge in a little bit of Easter egg action? Or maybe more than a little bit? Maybe
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