Need A Quick Check?

Today I want to offer you a quick little check up if you feel it might benefit you. Have you tested your blood pressure recently? Do you know if you have a
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Good For The Brain

Some positive research news today that once again shows another benefit to exercise (apart from the obvious ones). According to this research out of Texas, exercise boosts blood flow to the brain. So what
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happy easter

Easter Game Plan

Obviously with Easter coming up on the weekend I just wanted to clarify our hours so that you know what's going on - and adjust your training calendar if need
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Mood Boosters

We both know that exercise is one of the best mood boosters when it comes to getting some positive endorphins flowing.You rarely feel worse after a workout or even just
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Old Myths Broken

Time to blow an old theory out the window. You've no doubt heard of the saying that to be successful in anything - be that sport, business, whatever, you need to
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Consistency Is Key

Was having a look back in the archives the other day and I realised that it's been 5 years that I've been posting these messages on my blog each day. That's
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Where To Next?

Something different for a Friday today for you to think about. And it's a simple question. Well, for some the answer will be easy. For others, you might have to think a
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30-30 Action

Thought you might be looking for some more home workout action to get your teeth into seeing as it's been a little while since the last one. So here goes -
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