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A Random Hypothetical

Something a little different for a Friday. Let's play a hypothetical question. If you could only ever do one exercise for the rest of your life what would you choose? There's no right
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This Might Hit Home?

Not everything always turns up roses. There's plenty of things I've failed at. Including plenty of times that I'd say I wouldn't have a drink during the week. Sometimes I lasted until Friday
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A Small Ask

I'd like to think that usually these emails hopefully give you something of value for the couple of minutes you invest in reading them. Sure, each and every one won't always
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The Amazon Question

I was listening to a podcast last week with a bloke who used to be Jeff Bezos' right hand man at Amazon. And he had something interesting to say. Well, to be
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It’s Workout Time

Figure being a Monday morning and all, I'll give you another home workout if you need something to keep you going. This is another bodyweight only workout. Well to be honest you
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Is Your Cup Empty?

How's your motivation cup looking right now? Reason I ask is cause of this article I saw last week that mentioned some ways to escape out of that trough if you're motivation cup
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You’re In Front

Chance are you're in front. According to this report anyways. Apparently only 19% of people follow through with their new years resolutions goals. So if you're still working on yours, then you're in front of
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How’s Your Glass?

Simple hump day question for you to think about today.  If you only did one thing this week, would you consider it a successful week? Now your answer might depend on whether
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Addicted To Sugar?

Got your interest? That sweet little white devil may well be legal, but it's pretty damn addictive. Just ask any kid what they want to eat and they aren't going to tell
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One For The Good Guys

Something a little different to start your week off. There was a UK Healthy Lifestyle Cities Report that came out recently and Sydney came in at number 2 in the findings. Amsterdam was number
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