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You In?

Not going to beat around the bush - big question for you today - are you keen to join in the next edition of the DPM 6 Week Challenge? Time to
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How Are You Doing?

I read a very interesting finding yesterday that came out of a recent study that showed that people are doing it tough right now. Especially if you're still working from home. Combine
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Seems Excessive

I always find it interesting when a study comes out and says a magical number of minutes that you need to do to lose weight. Maybe I'm just weird, but that's
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Challenge Time?

Yes, it's Australia Day, so this may not be at the top of your mind right now.But I'm thinking after today it just may be.  Which brings me to todays question
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The Big 5?

You obviously know by now that I'm a big fan of bodyweight training. And I've mentioned before in an article last year with my top 4. You can see them here. Now I've
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toth podcast

Have A Listen

Decided to bring back my Top Of The Hill podcast for another season this year. Random name I know, but I figure that at our age we're at the top of
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push ups

It’s Better Outdoors

Sometimes you need to have something that should be obvious pointed out to you. And yesterday was one of those days for me. One of the DPMers mentioned that I should use
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Recognition Time

Time to publicly recognise and celebrate some DPMers who have recently reached some big milestones. First of all, there's 3 that have reached the massive 10 year milestone: - Pete- Cheryl- Joshua So
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fingers crossed

Your Job

Today I've got a job for you. Call it a mission if you will. And if like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, your mission, should you chose to accept it , will
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