Deadline Day

If you’re the type of person who thrives on deadlines, then today’s message is for you.  Cause it’s the very last day you can get the heavily discounted zoom only membership.  As
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Top 5 Workout Tools

Hope you enjoyed a great Christmas with the family! Thought for todays instalment of a top 5 list I'd focus on 5 of my favourite things that you can use to
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small business dads

Top 5 Listening List

For something different during this 2 week Christmas break I thought I'd post a couple of top 5 lists for a bit of fun. Hopefully you can find something out of
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Another Trip Round The Sun

So I've completed another trip around the sun today - clocking up 43. Some might say I don't look a day over 50... Anyways, birthdays these days are a different thing. Obviously as a
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Got A Lazy Pineapple?

Seeing as I mentioned last week that the DPMers would get access to the follow along at home workout videos today (which they will be getting in their inboxes later
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Have Your Say

With tomorrow being my last day for 2020, I thought I'd be proactive and throw something at you to have a think about over the holiday break. I ask it every
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Fewer Reasons Not To

There was an interesting article that I read yesterday from the BBC that mentioned how popular the whole online training thing has become this year. Obviously with COVID, and countries like the UK still
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