Suffering Burnout?

Getting closer to the end of the year, and hopefully a well earned break for you? But in the meantime, how are you doing right now? Are you suffering from a bit
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Self Compassion Friday

Something a little different today that doesn't really have a fitness angle, but it's one worth sharing nonetheless. There was an article in the Harvard Business Review "Self-Compassion Will Make You a
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Year End Tune Up?

Hate to be that guy, but can you believe it's just over 6 weeks until Christmas? Wow. Plenty of people will be happy when this year is run and done but here's
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An 8 Week Improvement

There was some interesting research that I saw recently that proved that weight training for only 8 weeks helped the participants improve their results 20% in an anxiety study.  The control group who
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small business dads

For The Dads

This one's a little bit different today, I want to share a very important story with any dads out there. I had a great chat with my latest guest on the Small
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The Vaccine

Obviously vaccine is the buzz word of 2020 and I'm not going to go down the rabbit hole of a COVID vaccine, more so talk about another type of vaccine. One even
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split squats


Got something for you today if you've missed a bit of action this week. Maybe Cup Day got the better of you or maybe you stayed up late for Origin last
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Simple Stuff

There's a simple tip that I shared with the DPM Spring 6 Week Challenge team on Monday that may well be exactly what you need to hear right now. So I
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