running on beach

The Fake Commute

There's an interesting idea that I read about yesterday and it may be something that might be beneficial for you, especially if you're working from home - still. It's was about
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garden gloves

The Gardening Analogy

There's one thing I never would have thought that I'd get into as I get older, and that's getting outside in the garden and actually enjoying it. Even something as menial as
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The School Of Dan

Going a bit rouge today and it stems from something that I read recently on how school should be changed. And I like the idea so I'm going to run with
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Thought For A Friday

Time for something that you might need to hear right now. Especially if you have found yourself in conflict with people who you were once aligned with. I read this yesterday and
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push up

Why People Exercise

There was an interesting article I came across yesterday on why people exercise and go to the gym. Now, for the purposes of this message today, I'm going to apply the
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More On The Recovery Thing

Following on from yesterdays message about rest days, here's some scientific research to help prove my argument that a rest can sometimes be the best thing for your body. A 2012 study on
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Did You Miss Me?

You may not even have noticed, but I didn't send out a message yesterday. I'm under no illusions that people wouldn't have been able to get through the day without my
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An Encore Workout

So the workout I posted from Emily the other week got a good reception and she was happy to hear that people liked it. Now she's given me another one that
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Rainbows And Unicorns

Positive thinking is all well and good, but there's one thing that positive thinking doesn't do: The actual doing of what you are thinking about. Take for example the amount of times
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What Do You Do?

Don't know whether you struggle with sleep or not? Right now I am big time. It's not a regular thing for me to deal with luckily, but right now I'm struggling. And for
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