Daily Routine

Have you got a daily routine that is your go-to? More importantly, do you have a morning routine that gets you in the right frame of mind for your day? In a
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Reality Check

There's something about your one of your childhood heroes passing that makes you feel like you're getting older. And more importantly, when they die suddenly from a heart attack it is
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The Harvard Plan

You and I both know the reasons to exercise. I don't need to go into those today as I'm obviously preaching to the converted. But I did read something interesting that you may
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Everyone loves a pat on the back and recognition for their efforts. You're only human if you do. So what happens if you don't get it? I read something interesting yesterday and I
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toth podcast

And Another One

As DJ Khaled would say "And another one", and yes, this is another plug today. The final one I promise, back to normal insights tomorrow. But a bit of self promotion every
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small business dads

Have You Heard?

Have you had a listen to my side project, the Small Business Dads podcast?  There's some great insights here that you, or someone you know, might appreciate You can find it on
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lady boxer

Glove Up Or Nah?

Thought I'd throw out a question for the DPMers for a Friday. What are your thoughts about resuming the boxing part of our workouts? As you know we've been just doing shadow
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glass of water

Glass Half Full?

There's always two ways to look at something. The glass half full or the glass half empty. It's still the same glass but your perspective depends on a few things. I guess mainly
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