I Enjoy This

There's a cool side thing that I enjoy as part of running DPM and this time it doesn't involve the actual face to face thing with training people. Side note, I
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Are Gyms Safe?

There's a big argument around the world right now, especially in Melbourne and in parts of America,  about the benefit of gyms being open during the middle of the pandemic. And to
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One of the side effects to the last 5 or so months of working from home life is burnout according to some new findings that I read the other day. That
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Who Would You Choose?

As you may be well aware, I’m always up for a good recommendation on something.  Whether that’s a new type of food, an exercise variation, tv series or whatever.  I’m always open to
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The Top 10

Usually when you see a top 10 list it's a good thing. It might be your top 10 songs or movies or even tv series. You get the drift. Well this top 10
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The Long Haul

You know how things work when you see someone constantly that you don't really notice all the changes they are slowly making. Take your kids for example.  You see them every day
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The ‘Emily’ Workout

You may well have heard of the different names that places like Crossfit give their workouts. Usually a way to build a point of difference. The popular ones from memory are
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There’s Two Winners

There was something that I mentioned at the start of the whole lockdown thing that I thought would be a big toll long term. And this time I'm not talking about
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Something New

You'll no doubt know I like to pass on any good recommendations that I come across. Either ones I've found, or ones that have been tipped to me. And today I have
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The Subtle Change

One of the cool benefits to a regular exercise routine,  which you often don't think about - or even notice, until someone reminds you,  is being able to do things you previously
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