dinner and wine

Time To Eat

I know going out to dinner isn't everyones idea of fun right now considering our current situation,  but 6 months down the track I'm expecting that to be a whole lot
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top of the hill

The Best Time

One of the questions I ask a guest on my Small Business Dads podcast (subtle plug, go and check it out) is what would they go back and tell their younger self. So
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Upgrade Mode

Every now and then you get a prompt from your phone to update your software with the latest edition. Same with your computer. And of course you update your wardrobe every so
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DPM 2005

Over The Hill?

Don't normally like to make a point of celebrating models on here. After all, we don't really need to hear from some self absorbed 'celebrity' or wanna be insta model. But today
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Tech Neck?

Do you find that your neck gives you grief when you spend too much time on your phone or a computer screen? It's understandable that 'tech neck' arises when you think
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push ups

Your Best Defence

There's a few things you can do to lower your risk of exposure to Coronavirus (or COVID-19, whatever you want to call it). Wearing a mask, staying at home, washing your
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The Circular Economy

Time for a friendly reminder about something that benefits everyone today.Call it the circular economy if you will. By that I mean that everyone helps everyone out one way or another. And
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help keyboard

The Write Off

Here's a concept that I'm going to share with you that you might be familiar with. And even if you are, take it as a friendly reminder. Cause it can save you
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Oh No Lorna

It seems that Lorna Jane seem to have dug themselves a bit of a hole. They got in trouble last week for a claim that their new line of active wear was
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