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Don’t Do These

To be honest, I should have made note of this a few weeks ago, back when this whole lockdown thing started. Especially with the fact that more people than ever have
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Cool Research Finding

Found a study that you might find interesting, especially so if you have kids.And while this research may be a bit dated (2009), I'd lay money that it's still very relevant today
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Fingers Crossed

It was pretty cool to read yesterday that some states are starting to ease their restrictions - WA from now I think, and Queensland from Friday.Very encouraging news for everyone. I
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Get Up, Stand Up

Remember that old Bob Marley song? You don't have to be stoned to appreciate it, but he did have some alright stuff back in the day. I also want you to remember
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How’s Your Back?

Being a Friday and all, and especially considering that most of us have been doing this working from home thing for at least a month now,  I figure it's a good
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Good Feedback

So trying to focus on the turning lemons into lemonade thing, rather than having a whinge over what we can't control right now,  and there has been some good feedback from
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Walk On

With not much else to do at the moment, you're probably in one of two camps.  Camp one - taking the opportunity to get out of the house as much as
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Groundhog Day

Sure feels like a bit of Groundhog Day everyday doesn't it? It was a pretty good movie too back in the day. But it pretty much sums up what we're all dealing
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Joining Us?

Just a reminder that we're going to be doing our first DPM kids workout tomorrow morning. I figure it's another thing to add to our zoom workout calendar and a way
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