Thought Of The Day

Something for you to think about right now, rather than the usual doom and gloom. Cause all you have to do is turn on the news for that. I read this thought
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Some Essentials

As you may know, I like to schedule these messages a couple of days ahead, but obviously that is kinda hard to do right now considering how quickly things are
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Just Zoomin

So Tuesday we road tested for the first time a dual in person and streaming virtual workout at DPM. I was intrigued and kinda nervous to see how it would all
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So Far, So Good

So obviously things are changing very quickly and as of now we are still sweet to operate. The limit for each session is 10 people - so 9 plus me. Friday is
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At least some people have moved on from hoarding toilet paper. I haven't worked out whether that's cause no one can buy any now, or that people have finally realised that
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short n sweet book

10-1 Home Workout

I know you're short on time. I also understand that right now you may be confined to working from home cause your company has enforced a social isolation shut down in
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