hover knee drive


How long do you reckon you could hold a plank (or a hover as we call them at DPM) for? Do you reckon you'd go alright? Well I saw something the other
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No Pause Button

We both know that life has no pause button, that's kinda obvious. Although sometimes you'd love to hit pause. Like when you're on a holiday and forget what day it is. That's a
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Check In

Considering that we're already on the back end of summer, and pretty much two months in for 2020 I just wanted to do a little check in today. So how's things
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Leaderboard Update

Remember a few weeks ago how I mentioned how I wanted to give you $200? If you missed it, I decided to have a competition and also give you another reward for
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running on beach

Don’t Miss Twice

Got something to share with you today that I think you'll appreciate. I heard it on a podcast last week and the saying really hit home for me. Don't miss twice. Basically, everyone
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finger pointing

One Thing

What's the most important thing that you have to do today to get you closer to what you are here for? Is it to do your workout? Is it to make sure
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