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Outrage Culture

Good old outrage culture claimed another victim over the last few days. You may well have heard about the ticketing controversy from the Boomers vs USA basketball games in Melbourne. People whinging
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Wk 5 Leaderboard Update

Short week of training this week with me being down in Melbourne currently, but here’s the update from last Friday to Wednesday.   Remember, we’re almost even now, as we started this
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I know I've asked this before, but I thought today was a timely day to answer this and it follows on from my appreciation post on Tuesday. You see, as this
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You Are Appreciated

I saw something on LinkedIn on Friday that said a survey of 1500 employees from here, the US and the UK found that workers needed constant recognition. Now, I don't know
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No Dinner For You

As you may know, I'm a bit of a fan of intermittent fasting. That means I usually don't eat breakfast. And as a result, I think the old saying that breakfast is
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