Competition Time

So I decided to do something for a bit of fun and run a little give-away.Yep, it's competition time! What can you win? How does 3 months of unlimited training access to
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What’s Your Fitness Age?

More interesting research today, this time hot off the presses (it was published last Wednesday). This time around we're looking at the European Journal Of Preventative Cardiology. Basically, they were researching whether a fitness/stress/health test
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HIIT Me One More Time

Apologies to Britney for that subject title... However, I am going to give you another reason why HIIT training is so beneficial. Yes, I know I've shared this type of thing before. Plenty
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Cool Story

This one is a bit of a change to the normal story I like to share with you,but I think you'll get something out of this. Today I want to share
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Not Quite 99 Problems

While I'm not saying you're Jay Z, finding yourself with 99 problems and all that, you may well have a pretty significant problem that I'm going to look into today. This is one
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hover knee drive

Try This Home Workout

If you enjoyed that short 6 minute workout that I shared a couple of weeks ago, here's a new one you may like as well.  This one is another home workout that
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