5 Steps

Don't know whether you're the type of person who likes to sit down and make some new years resolutions or not? Used to but not these days. Now I'll just take some
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Three Options

I could say something corny about can you believe it's Christmas Eve already but you know, that line gets trotted out all the time. So today I want to give you
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thumbs up

Thank You

Just wanted to send you a special thank you for being here this year.As Jay Z says "you could've been anywhere in the world, but you're here with me. I
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Some Holiday Thinking

I figure you're probably having a couple of weeks off over the next few weeks yeah?  I know I'm definitely looking forward to it and won't be missing the early alarm
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DPM 2005

Don’t Be Shy

Simple one today.  What are you most proud of achieving this year? I’ll go first.  The most important thing for me was becoming a dad for the second time.  As tough as a baby
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running on beach

Don’t Try These Myths

Change of pace for today. Cause after all, it’s Friday. So, I came across this story ’10 survival myths that might get you killed’. These are my faves: Myth: Always play dead when you
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