No, I’m not going to Hawaii or somewhere exotic.

I wish.

I could give you some cliched rubbish about getting ready to spring into spring

or some other corny play on words that some gym will use in the next week or so.

But I figure you’re above that.

Anyways I’ll get straight to the point.

2.5 weeks to Spring.


Bring that mutha on I say.

The tease has already started.

You know that taste of the days getting a little warmer.

The temperature beginning with a 2 instead of a 1 is always a nice thing during the day.

The sun rising that little bit earlier.

And going down a little later in the arvo.

You can almost taste it right?

Which brings me to you.

How are you travelling?

Have you found the customary 5kg winter spread that most people fall into the bad habit of packing on at this time of year?

Or have you managed to keep it at bay?

You may remember after my week of a few weeks back I mentioned that it was time for me to get serious again.

You see, it even happens to someone like me.

Just like you, I can’t eat and drink whatever I want without consequence.

Not anymore.

Not by a long shot.

But I re-measured by belly yesterday and I’m already down 3.2cm in 2 weeks.

Happy with that.

It’s a good start.

Not where I want to be but well on the way.

And I haven’t been living like a monk and eating rabbit food.

Even had a night out on Saturday with pizza for dinner and more than a few beers at a party

What am I doing?

Just what I get you to do.

It’s all laid out in the 3 Day Detox that all DPMers get (in hard copy as well)

So is it time for you to get back in the game?

To get back to your old self so-to-speak?

Come join me at Team DPM.

We’re at Lilyfield or Observatory Hill in the mornings.

More info here


Any questions hit reply and let me know.

Are you ready for Spring?




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