Cause I’m not 50 Cent, 

and I don’t have 21 Questions,

if you remember back to that song from back in the day,

(by the way have you seen how good he is in Power? – awesome show!)

I have however, been asked a bunch of questions over the years about what goes on at DPM.

So I decided to do the smart thing and put them all together on a page on my website here

DPM Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve ever had a question about what goes on with our training,

chances are it’s covered here.

Cause I get that it can be intimidating before you actually come to your first session.

I also understand that the chances are high that you’ve been burned before, maybe even more than once.

So it’s understandable that you may be hesitant to dip your toe in the water again.

Let me ease those fears with this FAQ.

And if I missed a question?

Let me know yours and I’ll add it on (and give you your answer at the same time). 

I’m also planning on turning each of these answers into a seperate video for each too if you’re more of a visual person.

With all that being covered now, are you interested in that one vacant position I have for the Wednesday morning Lilyfield group? (that was previously waiting list only)

The rest of the week, especially Monday and Tuesdays,

are a little quieter than Wednesday and Friday, but if you want in on Wednesdays,

now is the chance before that one vacancy fills again and it goes back to waiting list only.

Or maybe you can’t make it, but you know someone who might be interested?

Just mention the DPM VIP offer to them to help get their interest over the line (you’ll both benefit)

more info here



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