There’s some old research (from January last year) that I found that has taken a new meaning considering recent global events:

Loneliness and social isolation can be as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day… and the problem is particularly acute among seniors, especially during holidays.

and then:

Few aspects of community are more powerful than is the degree of connectedness and social support for individuals.

Now while you and I are both a little way off being a senior, the research is still telling.

Especially like I said when you take into mind the recent social isolation that we’ve all had to do.

So now that we can get out and see people again, the important thing here to remember is that we actually do get out and see people again.

Don’t get stuck in your ways.

Especially if you live by yourself – it is important more than ever to ensure you’re getting social interaction. 

See your friends.

Stay active.

And if this doesn’t apply to you, it might apply to someone who is close to you.

Hope it helps.


PS – if you’re looking for where I found that research, it’s here

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