Too busy to exercise?

Not anymore.

This new research proves you only need as little as 11 minutes a day for it to be considered effective and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

And unbelievably, or luckily, depending which way you look at it, 80% of these deaths are actually preventable.

Just by getting up and moving.

As you’re no doubt aware, this cause is close to my heart, so I’m going to keep ramming it home time and time again cause the one time I send it out might be that one time that someone picks up on it that really needs to hear it and do something that can change their life – and their families future and save them from becoming another statistic.

Anyways, this article gave two reasons to reduce that risk – eat more vegetables and to exercise for as little as 11 minutes a day.
So why 11 minutes?

Well, I’ll hand it over to an exercise physiologist who was quoted:

“The least you can get away with to improve heart health is 75 minutes a week of vigorous intensity exercise, which, if you break that down, it actually comes down to about 11 minutes a day”.

And if you want to do something with a bit less intensity like maybe gardening or a slow walk then double that to 22 minutes.

Still not an unrealistic ask right?

Once again this backs up two of my theories:

1) Anything is better than nothing

2) My Short ‘N Sweet book was on the money with the short workouts – not just for reducing your risk of cardivovascular disease as we get older, but for general health and mental wellbeing overall

So with that in mind, I’ve found one more copy of my book if you want to take it off my hands before I move to save me from having to worry about packing it and taking it with me.

I won’t be ordering anymore in the short term, you’ll have to go online and buy it direct from Amazon or the publisher on Lulu if you want it after this is gone and pay full price instead of the $20 with free delivery I’m offering

If you want it, you can get it from the link here


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