Do you struggle giving your kids healthy food?

Yay or nay?

What do you reckon?

It seems a pretty hot topic

– just like whether pineapple should be on a pizza or not.

For the record, pineapple on pizza is awesome.

If we can’t be friends now, I understand…

But seriously, what do you reckon?

Do you find it hard to give your kids the good stuff?

The reason I bring this up is cause I came across an interesting article last week.

A study from the University of Michigan found that 1 in 5 people thought that it wasn’t important to feed their kids veggies.

Now, maybe it should’ve been titled “1 in 5 people are muppets”

Or, probably more accurately, explains why we have such an obesity epidemic these days if people have these views.

The interesting part of the findings, and of no surprise to me was this excerpt:

Perhaps even more worryingly was the fact that many parents reported feeling confused over what is and isn’t healthy – with many blaming marketing speak like “all-natural”, “low-fat” and “organic” for muddying the nutrition waters.

And I totally get that.

Cause there is so much misinformation.

Even from the governing bodies that are supposed to be helping us with this.

So I get that.

But I can’t cop the “I don’t have time” excuse

Yes, we are all busy.

And I’m not going to pretend that we aren’t.


how hard is it to buy a pack of frozen veggies, boil the kettle and throw them in a boiling pot on the stove to cook.

That’s 10 mins tops.

Even less.

And if you’re going fresh, it’s even easier.

Get some veggies from the fridge, chop em up while you pre-heat the stove – that’s 2 mins tops.

Then cook em up for a few mins in the frying pan or wok.

That’s 5 mins tops.

So really, it doesn’t even take as long to cook as cooking some crap in the oven.

Or going up the road for Maccas or whatever.

You with me?

Another reason is “It’s too expensive”.

I can’t cop that either.

Buy what’s in season.

A kg of carrots will set you back $1 or so.

Bunch of bananas are a couple of bucks.

You get the point right?

It’s even cheaper if you go to a farmers market or join a veggie co-op where you take it in turns to do a market run.

The one thing I will cop however is the confusion and tricky part to get them to actually eat what you cook.

That can be tough.

I get that.

Have the same issues at home sometimes.

But it’s not impossible.

Sometimes it just needs a bit of creativity of your normal menu plan.

Something like our DPM recipes that you get in our Quick, Healthy, Meals Cookbook.

Just like this busy mum found last year – her kids actually enjoyed the food.

“I found the food really filling and really good. The recipes were yummy. All the kids and my husband, I’ve got 4 little boys, all enjoyed the meals and they’ve enjoyed everything I’ve cooked basically”

And you get this of course when you join Team DPM.

All the inside mail.

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See you soon.



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