When Are You Due?

That’s the question I was asking myself this morning.

After catching a glimpse in the mirror when I hopped out of the shower.

That belly was definitely bigger than it was 2 weeks ago.

And it looked like I was like Big Arnie in that Junior movie or whatever it was called.

You know the one from 20 odd years ago or so when he was pregnant?

Not a good feeling.

Yet unlike Bron being pregnant, there won’t be a baby as the result of mine.

Yep the Christmas break was too good to me.

Haven’t had a dry day since before my birthday.

That was nearly 2 weeks ago.

Too much chocolate.

Too much dessert.

Too much food in general.

And of course the drink,

Eating when I wasn’t even hungry – just cause it was there.

Sound familiar?

Yep I struggle with it too.

I let it go.

Figured I was turning 40 and deserved it.

Figured it’d been a long year.

Not stress about it.

Deal with the result now.

Sure it ain’t pretty.

But it’s enough to make me want to change.

I’m actually looking forward to an alcohol free day.

In fact, stringing a few days back to back alcohol free.

And getting back into exercise apart from my usual walks.

How about you?

* Sick of that too bloated feeling as well?

* Starting to notice that those pants aren’t doing up like they were a month ago?

* Need a ‘re-set’ to get back in the groove and find yourself again?

* Not sleeping well cause of all this extra crap you’ve been polishing off?

Well today I want to invite you to join me here at DPM and we can work on it together.

Cause I get what it’s like to put on weight easily.

Luckily I know how to get it off too!

I’m back at work tomorrow to get going again.

And I want you to join me this year.

We’ve got small group options at:

* Lilyfield on Monday, Tuesday or Friday (Wednesday is a waiting list at the moment) 5:40-6:40am

* Observatory Hill – Tuesday and Thursday 7:15-7:45am

*Observatory Hill – Saturday 8-9am

And then of course there’s some 1-on-1 personal training vacancies and some online coaching if you can’t make any of my sessions in person.

What grabs your interest?

Or maybe you want an online 4 week program or something like that where we get a small group together like we’ve done with the Busy Mums Transformations before.

If there’s enough interest I’ll start one of those again.

So let me know.

Where can I help?


PS: don’t forget to spread the word about DPM to your friends.

As I mentioned last week, once they’ve been around for 6 months I’ll shout you both a $200 dinner voucher of your choice. Yep one per person.

So who can you bring?


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