Well, If Science Says So…

So as you may have guessed, and maybe much like yourself,

I didn’t really pay much attention to science in school.

I stopped doing it after year 8 or whenever it stopped being compulsory.

It almost came back to bite me on the bum at uni though.

First year and we had to do a semester of physics and then chemistry as part of my Anatomy and Physiology subject.

I was ready to pack it in if I failed.

Somehow I passed.

Still not sure how to do this day to be honest.

I figured my marks in the Anatomy and Physiology made up for it and I got the P.

Who cares really.

Anyways, science has proved something useful this time round.

And it ties into what we’ve been doing a bit at DPM this year.

The whole working out to music thing.

You can find heaps of research that backs up that music helps increase your performance during the workout.

Just like this piece from Brunel University in London back in 2012.

They found that music can be such a potent workout tool that it can be described as “a type of legal performance-enhancing drug”.

Very interesting don’t you think?

Later research also out of Brunel even found that music can increase your enjoyment of the workout by 28% more than working out in silence and 13% more than listening to a podcast.

Once again, maybe it’s the nerd in me, but I found that pretty cool.

And another side benefit from playing the tunes that remind you of some good times back in the day so it seems.

Remember, I don’t play these tunes at every group.

If you want it at yours, or your individual session, to help give you that psychological boost and improve your workout intensity, let me know and I’ll get the speaker out and hit play.

You can even choose the playlist if you like.


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