I Can Relate To This

Think I know how this poor fella feels.

Especially after making the most of the festive season.

I came across this story last week that sums up exactly how most of us feel right now.

Sherman was an overweight hedgehog in Israel who lived on the streets and ate whatever cat food all teh well wishers left out for him.

Problem was people were too generous and Sherman ended up huge, weighing twice as much as the average hedgehog should.

The poor fella was too big he couldn’t walk properly and was taken to an animal safari which is now looking after him and getting him back on track.

The story ends happily though,

Sherman is losing that extra weight.

He’s feeling better and more energised and no doubt doing what normal hedgehogs do (whatever that is).

The animal safari specialises in helping overweight animals and has 10 hedgehogs on their books on a strict exercise and food plan.

Thought I’d give you a light hearted story today (it’s true though – google it!)

And show you that it’s not just tired and stressed parents like us who struggle with the extra kilos.

Even happens to animals without a care in the world.

But just like with Sherman, it’s not all downhill.

And it’s not too hard to turn things around.

I don’t know about your week so far, but this week I’ve already been able to string a couple of alcohol free days together,

plus the eating is back on track and back to what I tell you to eat as part of the DPM plan.

And I’m going to lock in my second workout of the week today.

So the wheels are in motion.

Just like it ended well for our hedgehog friend, and it’s on track to end well for me,

and you can join us to get the same result.

The other thing it shows you, is I’m not just sitting here preaching from my high horse.

I put on weight easy,

just like you no doubt.

And I have to work at getting it off.

Especially these days.

But it’s not impossible.

Let me help you do the same.

Answer these couple of questions and I can lock in your start date ASAP.


Speak to you soon.



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And my personal training slots are running out.

What one before everything is a waiting list?

Go here now, take 2 minutes and answer the questions so we can plan the best attack for you



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