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Finally A Program Designed For Busy Mums (That You Can Do In The Comfort Of Your Own Home) That Guarantees You'll Lose Weight While Tightening Your Butt, Toning Your Tummy & Slimming Your Arms

They laughed when I said busy mums could lose 5-10kg in as little as 4 weeks without having to commit hours and hours of time you don't have each day.

But when they saw the results these busy mums who have successfully completed the DPM system were getting there was nothing but stunned silence.

Give me a chance to let DPM show you how & I'll change the way you feel about dieting & exercise for good so that you can wear that sexy dress or bikini any day of the week without having to starve yourself or do vomit inducing workouts in a sweaty gym ever again.

What You'll Soon Discover As Part Of The DPM Transformation System:

  • How to tone and finally lose your embarrassing tummy so you can wear that tight fitting top instead of the usual baggy t-shirt, all without spending hours in a sweaty gym or giving up those cheeky glasses of wine (Say goodbye to that bloated feeling forever!)
  • The one 'magic' ingredient that'll help kill your cravings and maximise your weight loss at the same time even if you're a choc and a day girl (NOTE: I'll even share with you a chocolate that you can have every day if your heart desires!)
  • How to burn more body fat by doing LESS exercise (and without having to look at that boring treadmill or go for a long run ever again) so that you can lose weight and not have to compromise your family time
  • How your favourite 'naughty' foods can actually help you finally break through that weight plateau you're currently stuck at even if you've struggled to lose weight since you had your baby
  • How you can get the best quality sleep you've had since before your kids were born (even if you still have to get up during the night to attend to them)
  • How to have your skin looking clearer and fresher than it ever has before so that your friends beg you for your 'anti-aging' secret and even accuse you of having work done!
  • You can achieve all of this and more without even having to worry about obsessing over calorie counting ever again!

How To Tell If You're The Right Fit For The DPM Online Coaching Program

Can you never seem to find the time, or the motivation to finally kiss goodbye those extra kgs that keep you awake at night?

Maybe you just don't have enough energy to get started?

Maybe you've been burned by too many fad diets and workouts that promise the world only to leave you pissed off and lighter in the purse swearing never to bother again?

Maybe you're just too tired and sick of having to rely on the 'mum uniform' of jeans and baggy t-shirt to hide the areas that you can no longer stand looking at in the mirror?

Then you're exactly the woman I'm looking for to join our DPM Online Transformation Coaching program that was designed especially for busy mums like you.

I know how you feel. I know it seems weird for a bloke to say that right? But I have worked with many busy mums over the years, just like you.

All with seemingly no time for themselves. All with a busy job and kids and hubby to try and devote time to. And pretty much all of them have tried, and basically failed, at every other workout or diet fad.

The good news is, I've cracked the code to finally allow you to lose those stubborn 5-10kg that have taken up permanent residence around your tummy and thighs.

All without you having to commit to hours of mind numbing exercise (with time that you don't have!) in a gym full of people who you're sure are staring at you.

And all without having to live off rabbit food and never enjoy the 'treats' that you keep you sane each week.

In fact, you'll even have fun at our sessions when you realise that you're surrounded with like minded people just like you who love to have a laugh.

Yes. Exercise the DPM way can even be fun!

And you can still enjoy that class of wine or three and a cheeky slice of cake with your friends.

Don't believe me?

Just listen to some of the happy mums share their story below. These same mums were in the same position that you're now in not too long ago.

But they had faith. They took a leap and finally decided that it was now or possibly never.

How are they feeling now?

  • No more bloating
  • They're sleeping better
  • Their skin is clearer
  • They can actually wear a bikini again without having to die of embarrassment or feel self-conscious doing the sprint from pool to towel to hide their trouble spots
  • They have less cellulite
  • They're even setting a better example for their kids (and in some cases having their kids join in with the workouts!)

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The DPM Diamonds Are Definitely Not For You If:

  • You aren't willing to invest in yourself. If you don't think you're worth it.

  • You think that following the latest exercise and diet fad in Body & Soul is the 'magic bullet'.

  • You truly don't believe that you can begin to change in as little as 30 days.

  • You think that you can do it alone and don't need the shortcut that comes from following a proven system.

  • You believe that 'it's alright for her, she can do it' but it won't work for me.

  • You seem to have every excuse in the book as to why you cannot achieve what you claim you want - despite 'knowing' exactly what to do.

However, It Is For Smart, Action Takers (Maybe Like You?) Who:

  • Are sick and tired of being in a rut and are ready to do something about it.

  • Are prepared to follow the DPM Blueprint that has worked for countless busy women in the same situation as you right now.

  • Are prepared to invest in a short-term effort for a long term reward so that you can be the envy of all of your friends.

  • Are prepared to leave behind any preconceived notions about what may or may not be a 'healthy food'.

  • Realise that unless someone is guiding you and taking you through it (with the added accountability to keep you on track) - you are never going to get rid of that belly fat that hangs over your jeans.

What Is Included With Your DPM Diamonds VIP Membership

  • A DPM T-Shirt
 delivered to your door
  • A custom designed new workout program complete with video instructions that takes into account your goals, injuries, level of fitness each and every month

  • Unlimited access to me via SMS or email to answer your questions as you go

  • Food diary reviews, and coaching to help you get on top of the eating part of your transformation 

  • Access to the DPM 4 Week Express Transformation System which will get you off and running towards your end goal (incorporating the 3 Day Detox Diet & Quick Healthy Meals Cookbook
  • Daily Check Ins via sms or email (PLATINUM ONLY) or weekly Check Ins each Friday via email (GOLD) to keep you on track, answer your questions and set your new missions for the coming week

  • Your own personal hard copy (printed version) of the 3 Day Detox Cookbook and Quick, Healthy Meals Cookbook

Your Investment

Your investment for the DPM Diamonds Online Coaching Transformation depends on what level of accountability you are looking for:

Platinum Online Transformation: Includes everything you see on the left with DAILY check ins with email/sms (6 days per week) to ensure you are on track and answer your questions as you go.

The Investment is just $197/month with no minimum commitment.

* Gold Online Transformation: Includes everything you see on the left with WEEKLY check ins via email.

The Investment is just $97/month with no minimum commitment.

So Who Is Daniel Munday & Why Should I Trust Him?

I have been helping busy women, and mums just like you, lose their flabby tummy and thighs and fit back into that favourite pair of 'skinny jeans' since 2005.

My passion is helping these time pressed mums find their long lost energy, motivation and feel like their old self without having to devote hours and hours each week slaving away with a vomit inducing workout or meal plan that makes you count every single calorie that you eat. I'm also a busy self employed Dad myself, to my princess Emily, so I know exactly how time poor you are!

See What These Happy Mums Have To Say About Their Own DPM Transformation Experience

6cm Off Her Waist, 4cm Off The Belly & 6kg Down - In 4 Weeks!

"After the 4 Weeks Transformation my jeans are a little looser, am feeling better about myself, learnt how easy it is to alter diet to include more whole foods.

Exercises became much easier over 4 weeks and rest periods decreased hugely.

Am also more motivated to become more active more often and to continue to follow the whole food plan and incorporate a variety of exercises"

- Kirsty


"I Love My Body - How It Moves & How It Feels!”

"Before starting the progam I was just bored with my regular training, so I wanted someone else to plan my program for me. 

Now, I have more strength, and my clothes fit me a lot better. I love my body, how it moves and how it feels.

How good are my measurements!!! 

I thought my arms looked smaller!!!

Woo hoo - result!

Yep, my Jeans are as comfy as trackies!

I noticed that on the weekend after I was out and about I didn’t want to take them off immediately, cos they were already comfy!

Imagine if I dared stick to your eating plan for more than three days a week?

But I loved the exercise".

- Belinda, busy mum of 3



More Great Feedback From Happy Mums On Their Own DPM Transformation Coaching Experience 

  • “I found the food really filling and really good. The recipes were yummy. All the kids and my husband, I’ve got 4 little boys, all enjoyed the meals and they’ve enjoyed everything I’ve cooked basically”
  • “Going into this, I’ve tried every program there is to try and I was a little bit doubtful that I’d stick to this one.. but It’s something that’s easy to stick to”
  • “I was constantly feeling bloated and lethargic and now, honestly, I haven’t felt that feeling for ages”
  • “My clothes are loose on me, my muffin top isn’t as big”
  • “I wouldn't really call it a diet, because the food was really good. It taught you about what you were putting into your body”
  • “My cravings disappeared which was fantastic because that made it much easier to stay on the program”
  • “It’s definitely changed a lot of things for me in the last month. I’ve lost 9kg. My bloating’s much, much better. My skin’s much better”
  • “The whole process has been excellent. I’ve come out like a new woman... But it’s my mindset and how I feel now. I feel really good about myself. I feel better, my skin’s better, my hair’s better. My clothes are fitting. I don’t look like I’m pregnant anymore”
  • “I’ve ate more on this diet than what I’d eat in a normal day. It’s not low calorie food, it’s just wholesome, good food”
  • “It’s good to see the change in my clothes. Clothes fit better, they’re looser. I need to go buy more clothes now which is very exciting to do!”
  • “It made me feel good. I didn’t feel bloated at all, even just after the first week it was amazing. Now I feel really good, I’m not as bloated. My tummy’s a little bit flatter and I’ve got heaps more energy. I’m getting out of bed. I’m playing with the kids more which is the best thing”
  • “When I first heard about it I was a little bit sceptical, but 4 weeks later I’m a changed person. Even a few days into it I thought ‘wow why didn’t I know about this program sooner"
  • "The program made me conscious of the foods I was eating and making sure the twins daily routine included time for me to stop and eat. I am happy for what I have done and it has done for me. Thank you Daniel for showing me small changes can help"
  • “I would definitely recommend this to mums who can’t put in a lot of time and effort but still want to get better. Thank you Daniel”
  • “I cut down to three times a week (exercise) and it’s really helped me with my sleep. I don’t feel as old looking and I feel a lot better. Looking at my before and after pictures I’m really, really surprised with how well I’ve done so I just want to say thank you!”

The 'DPM Better Than Money Back 12 MONTH Guarantee’

I am so confident that you will look and feel better than you ever have before with DPM Diamonds Transformation. Your clothes will be looser, your partner won’t be able to keep their hands of your new, trim, sexy body. You will have more energy.

So, in the unlikely event that you’re not completely 100% satisfied with your training and the results you’ve achieved anytime during your first 12 months – then I will refund every single last cent you have paid me plus I will train you for free until you are happy.

No ifs or buts, if you’re not happy than neither am I so you will get every cent back just for giving the sessions a good honest go and by following the nutrition and transformation system

Reserve Your DPM Diamonds Transformation Position By Selecting Your Preferred Makeover Package Below:

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In only 30 short days you could be stuck where you are at now, be that tired, stressed, flabby and miserable - or even worse - or, invest in yourself and your biggest 'problem' will be having to get used to your friends constantly asking "Have you lost weight?" It shouldn’t be a hard choice, unless you are happy letting things stay the same...



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 P.S. When you join us today your investment is fixed and will never raise - no matter how high my prices may increase down the track. (If you decide to leave you will not be eligible for this investment should you rejoin in the future)

P.P.S. Remember as part of your transformation you will receive a DPM t-shirt delivered to your door, access to the DPM 4 Week Express Transformation System, food coaching reviews and support PLUS the accountability to keep you on track based on your level of membership.